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Guess what it’s about. You’re exactly right! It’s about how we can live our entire lives as an act of worship to God. It’s so much more than just coming to church or singing songs to God. We’ll help students choose to live a life of worship that elevates God and engages their entire hearts, souls, and minds. It’s living out Matthew 22:37-38 each and every day—participating in God’s story by loving Him with our whole selves!

Life of Worship
Get Up!

Matthew 22:37-38 NIV
Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest commandment.”
BIG Question…
Do you think everyone worships something?
Other Questions…
What stood out to you the most from the message?
What’s one thing you learned?
Look at today’s big question. Why do you think everyone worships something or why do you think some people don’t worship anything at all?
Read Matthew 22:37-38
This Bible verse is what worshiping God is all about. Which is harder for you to do: worship God with your heart and soul or worship God with your mind?
(Hint: Heart and soul have more to do with your emotions toward God. Mind has more to do with your thoughts about God and following Him.)
How can you worship God with your whole heart, soul, and mind? What would that look like in your life at home, school, playing sports, practicing music lessons, or whatever else you do?
How could your attitude toward others and yourself change when you worship God with everything you have?