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Teaching Segment of The Life of Worship – Open Up (Part 3)

BIG Question…

What is the best thing God is doing in your life right now?
Other questions…
What stood out to you the most from the message?
What’s one thing you learned?
Sometimes we think of worship as something we “go to” instead of something that we take with us wherever we go and whatever we do. Why do you
think it’s easy to make that mistake?
What’s your answer to today’s big question? How can you use what God’s doing in your life right now to worship Him?
(Think of how the woman in the Bible story you heard about today poured out her expensive perfume on Jesus’ feet to worship Him.)
Read Matthew 22:37-38
Why do you think Jesus said that loving God was the greatest commandment?
Think back to the post card you made today. On the outside, they all looked plain. When you removed the coating, you could see the colors hidden beneath.
How does this remind you to worship God?
Idea: The post card scratch art revealed hidden treasure. God created you with talents and abilities you’ll discover throughout your life that are like treasure! Use those
to worship God and to inspire others to worship.

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