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Our Vision

The "Vision" of the Cities of Refuge Christian Fellowship and Apostle Bettie Clay is to "Empower the Body of Christ. One of our goals is to promote fellowship among churches and also to provide a spiritual covering for pastors. This will not be a traditional fellowship but one that is spiritual and one that stands on the truths of God's Word.

  • Accessibility to leadership (one-on-one)
  • Spiritual Covering for the Pastor
  • Fellowship with other churches and leaders
  • Financial support for the local assembly from fellowship services
  • Classes to help the body of Christ at large

The Cities of Refuge Christian Fellowship is committed to assisting churches within the fellowship, which are in need upon request as funds allow.  In addition to financial assistance, we offer advice to pastors and Christian Education to assist in building their congregations.

The commitment to a worship environment, which allows the Holy Spirit to flow in its fullness, is a passion of this Fellowship.  Praise and Worship leads us to the very throne of God where healing, deliverance, and life-changing power is available.  One of our goals is to cultivate ministries and leaders ordained by God.

The Vision to Educate, Equip and Evangelize involves every aspect of our Fellowship.  During our Annual Holy Convocation and Local District Meetings, classes will be held occasionally for all attendees to obtain the knowledge to become equipped to do the work of the ministry

Within the Local Church, the Vision of the Cities of Refuge Christian Fellowship should be expressed, to assist pastors in implementing the Cities of Refuge Vision.

  • Pray for the Fellowship on a daily basis
  • Support with your monthly / yearly contributions
  • Pray for the Chief Apostle/Presiding Bishop and the Leadership
  • Support Local Fellowship engagements
  • Support the Holy Convocation

Cities of Refuge Fellowship Ministries must be committed to Excellence in Ministry.  From the Pastor to the members, our ministry should be the best that it can be.

Cities of Refuge Fellowship Leaders and members are expected to be loyal to the Fellowship.

Cities of Refuge Pastors and Leaders should be excited about the Fellowship.  The “Vision” should be shared to the membership and other leaders as well.

Cities of Refuge Leaders must know and embrace the vision of the Fellowship.  Leaders should allow the Spirit of God to be in control of the Ministry.

Cities of Refuge Fellowship churches should teach sound doctrine and promote holy living.

Cities of Refuge Ministries must have an orderly flow with the Holy Spirit.  Services should begin on time.

Cities of Refuge Ministries should have the Evidence of God’s Presence with “People getting Saved and Delivered. 

Would you like to get involved or be a part of Cities of Refuge?