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An Uncovering
By: Apostle Bettie Clay

I was awakened on August 1, 2012, by the Lord. He was dealing with me concerning an uncovering that will begin to take place in the body of Christ. The uncovering will expose those that were once pure and even those that are said to be pure. Pure means unmixed with any other matter, it also means free from dust, dirt, or taint, spotless, and stainless.

As you can remember the story of Adam and Eve, it all started with a lie, the Lord is relating this uncovering to that in Genesis 3. This type of behavior always starts with a lie, one that was entertained that should have been ignored. A lie that now has been mixed with the truth which in turn taints the truth of God’s word which causes it to be impure. Once a lie taints truth it ALL becomes a lie and scripture tells us that ALL liars shall have their place in the lake of fire.

In Genesis 3, one lie caused Adam and Eve to become curious and ultimately they disobeyed God. According to scripture, their eyes were opened causing them to recognize they were naked, point being prior to their fall man’s nakedness represented purity. Everything God made was good and needed no covering nor required any need for hiding. However, immediately after the fall, the couple deemed it necessary to cover themselves and attempt to hide, which neither can be done when we’re dealing with God. Interestingly enough they only attempted to cover what we call private parts but it’s important to remember nothing was private until after the fall, and we’ve been hiding and covering stuff every since.

That same spirit lurks in the church today causing the church to be in trouble. We’re in trouble because like Adam we’ve failed to consider the question “where art thou”? The Lord asked Adam this question for a reason. It was asked to give them and us the opportunity to check our standing and our stance in God. This was also the place to consider not only where you are but who’s responsible for your being there.

So, this same message is now being presented to the body of Christ again because we’ve failed to consider our ways and take full responsibility for our actions. God is saying there will be an uncovering of what was once pure. God wants to see our nakedness. What you need to do is, remove the covers and began to repent before God with a sincere heart. What we think is covered isn’t and may cost more than you want to pay but it will ultimately save your life. Remember what’s done in the dark will come to the light!

Some are getting ready to be exposed and bought to an open shame. We have to understand and know that God will not allow us to continue to live a lie!!!!! Lying is NOT in God’s DNA so therefore He has a very low tolerance for such behavior. Get right because Jesus is on His way back!!!