"Headquarters of Glory" Non-denominational w/Pentecostal Flava

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Please consider helping Refuge further the gospel of Jesus Christ. Would you take the time and make an online donation to Refuge House of God Deliverance Ministries, Inc.? Your gift is tax deductible because we are a 501(c)3 tax entity. We also accept other items such as clothing, items for children and babies, food, etc. so that we can be a blessing to someone in need.


No gift is too big or too small…Would you help us today? If so, please click on the button below or you may mail your contribution to the address below. Please include any special prayer request(s) you have, and our intercessors will be going to God on your behalf.



You can mail all donations to the church at:

Refuge House of God Deliverance Ministries

P. O. Box 38733

Charlotte, NC 28278



Need to pay your tithes? The bible says, "have a man robbed God and the answer came back "yes", you have robbed me in your tithes and offerings….we believe in giving unto God 1/10 (10%) of our earnings.


You are welcome to sow your tithes at Refuge…click on button below to pay your tithes.




We thank you in advance for your support of this ministry!